In June 2013, in the matter of Ion v Harmer 2013 WADC 100, a Judge of the District Court was requested by the Insurance Commission to apply the Commissions policy which was said to be as follows; 4. Where it appears that the claimant’s medical condition has stabilised to the extent that settlement can be […]

Criminal Injuries Compensation

October 30th, 2015

In December 2014, the Court of Appeal considered a claim for criminal injuries compensation by a person who was assaulted in the course of his employment. A criminal injuries assessor awarded the person $75,000 compensation under the Act. Because he was injured at work, he was also entitled to workers’ compensation payments which he received […]

Injured at a shopping centre

October 30th, 2015

In September 20014, the WA Court Of Appeal in the matter of Doyle (WA) Pty Ltd v Ing Real Estate Joondalup considered a claim against a shopping centre involving a person who tripped and fell whilst walking across a service yard.  The person tripped on a metal bracket set in concrete and used to secure […]


August 23rd, 2015

WorkCover WA holds a seminar every quarter to provide an introduction to the workers’ compensation scheme in Western Australia. Topics include: How the scheme operates Latest legislative developments Statistical information relating to the scheme Accreditation and monitoring of scheme parties Employer requirements and recent prosecutions Injury management and return to work Conciliation and Arbitration services […]


August 21st, 2015

WorkCover’s new Schedule of prescribed amounts for; weekly compensation payments; medical expenses and rehabilitation applies form the 1 July this year. The new schedule can be viewed here. Features of the new schedule include; a new prescribed amount “maximum payment” of $232,050 for weekly payments; an increase in the prescribed amount for medical expenses and […]